Briquette Deoxidizer

Today, the clean steel production is one of the goals of modern steel mills and has a
main role on secondary metallurgy processes .
So at the inner cauldron operation , if Briquette Deoxidizer creates an artificial slag
to absorb deoxygenated products and protects steel against re-oxidation and
desulfurizes , to have a clean steel production .
Briquette Deoxidizer not only deoxygenation but also makes fluid slag and
regeneration and removal of floating debris and increasing ferroalloys efficiency .
Deoxidizing briquettes with more than 50% aluminum has less than half of
aluminum ingots cost and due to the proper density (for presence in the slag
phase) and also the optimal physical form , it has more effective than similar
aluminum materials, and due to its engineered chemical composition, in addition to
deoxygenation, sulfur during is also done while using this material. Deoxidizing
briquettes called aluminum briquettes and dioxygen material is also known .

Benefits of Deoxygenated Briquettes :

Deoxygenated briquettes have many advantages due to their homogeneous
appearance and engineered compounds ,
• Having all the useful properties of aluminum
• Higher efficiency than aluminum due to lack of oxidation with ambient oxygen
• Entering slag due to higher density than aluminum
• Ability to dissolve and homogenize proper deoxygenation in molten steel
• Suitable floatability of molten oxides and adsorption by slag
• Lower price of deoxygenation briquette and economical efficiency compared to
• Deoxygenated Briquette dramatically decrease FeO and MnO in slag.
• Restores oxidized alloy elements in the slag phase and returns them to molten
• Creates a fluid and appropriate slag .
• Improves the slag alkalinity and increases the life of the slag line in the cauldron
refractory. against Aluminum does not react quickly with ambient oxygen and does
not oxidize.
• It has the maximum efficiency due to having a suitable density, in the slag phase .
• It does not make any smoke or odor and does not pose any hazard or harm to the
production workers unit as well as the environment .
• Against aluminum Briquette Deoxidizer does not produce annoying light during
production .
• Briquette Deoxidizer has the ability to store in the bin material silos , Due to
having the same and specific shape .

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