Low Voltage Power Cable With Single Core Aluminium Conductor

Technical specification table

Application: used as lighting and power distribution cable. Installation in  areas where mechanical stress avoided . can be laid in outdoor , indoor , buried or in ranches.

This type of cable consists of an aluminum core (AAC) as a conductor and a PVC layer of material (Nayy PVC) or XLPE layer (Na2xy XLPE) for conductor insulation and a PVC layer is as a sheath for the final covering of the cable .

Low voltage power cable is uses for various items such as current transmission in lighting system, electric motors, industrial devices and part of building cabling.

Some of these cables are produced with a powerful heat insulation coating, which
Use them in the relevant sections makes it possible  .
These cables can be buried under ground or inside the channel or on the cable tray

will be Suitable electrical conductivity, acceptable mechanical strength, light weight and appropriate price  are some properties of this type of aluminium cables.



Rated Voltage  0.6/1 kv
Conductor stranded aluminum wires.
Core  the conductor is  insulated with a layer of extruded PVC or  XLPE.
Sheathing  over the insulated conductor is applied an outer protecting  layer of extruded PVC compound.
Operating temperature  90°c continues normal operation for XLPE continues normal operation for PVC 70°c.

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