Low Power With Round Aluminum Conductor

Technical specification table

Multi-core low pressure power cable with a round aluminum conductor is a type of electric cable that, depending on the type of application, consists of one or three cores with the same cross-section as phase and a neutral core or ground wire. The cross-sectional area of the neutral strand or ground wire is also considered equal to the cross-sectional area of the phase strands, but this is determined depending on the need and application of the cable.

The conductor strands of this type of cable are made of aluminum, and the insulating material of each strand is polyvinyl chloride (PVC Nayy) or polyethylene with high resistance to heat and pressure (XLPE Na2xy). To round the surface of the cable, filler is used on the irradiated strands, and finally, the coating should be made of a soft heat compound such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene or halogen-free.

Granular filler raw material is used to produce the middle sheath of the cable. The intermediate sheath is the layer between the insulation and the sheath, and fillers are placed in this layer to help smooth the underlying layers and prepare the cable for the next stage of sheathing.

Cable sheaths are usually black, but can be chosen in another color by agreement between the manufacturer and the buyer, depending on its suitability for the specific conditions of use of the cable.

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