Low Voltage Power Cable With Aluminum Sector Conductor

Technical specification table

Multi-core low pressure power cable with sector aluminum conductor (SECTOR) is a type of power cable that, depending on the type of application, is three-core (three-phase), three-and-a-half-core and four-core (three-phase and one-core neutral or wire) Earth) is produced. These types of cables are made of strands with a smaller diameter and sector shape instead of round strands.

The insulating material of each strand is (PVC Nayy) or (XLPE Na2xy) and due to the sectional nature of the strands and the arrangement of the twisted strands, these cables do not need a filler, which reduces the diameter of the cable bundle. In addition, the aluminum strands in this type of cable are connected to each other in a sector, which increases the electrical resistance of the cable and also reduces the voltage drop along the length of the cable.

The cover of this type of cables is made of PVC and is placed on the twisted strands. Compared to larger diameter round cables, sector cables with aluminum conductors (SECTOR) have a smaller diameter and lighter weight, which reduces costs for their transportation and installation.

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