Cored Wire

Cord wires are actually hollow metal tubes whose interior is filled with variety of chemical materials and powders, mineral salts and a mixture of different metals .

It is completely variable the amounts of materials using in cored wires and depending on working situations .
One of the most important applications of cored wire at the steel industry is deoxygenation and desulfurization in steel melting .

Cored wires have a special placement in these industries and basically do not accept replacement of their unique characteristics .

Today, the brain-filled wires have become an essential and inseparable part of the steel industries .
Among the features and characteristics of the brain-filled wires that have made these products so popular , can be mentioned in the following cases :

• Cord Wire has an rightful effect on speed improvement. Steel industries produce with the brain-filled wires on high speed and have deep effect on efficiency and productivity .

• Filled wires are also used in the foundry industries . Cord Wires have full scale surveillance on chemical elements accuracy . controlling, managing and carefully examining the products in the casting , change this industry .
Certainly, when a product gains popularity and a special place among the manufacturing industries, it has certain capabilities and special advantages

To be aware of what is benefits of Cored Wire and why the using of this product has been so much considered, following a list of its capabilities :

• Cored wires or filled wires have a special capability in very deep deoxygenation.

• They also perform desulfurization operations very carefully and deeply.

• These products have a great impact on weight loss and increased spherical growth. These changes in rubbish circumstances , makes schlock to be float and slag .

• The impact properties of steels has been produce with cored wire are significantly enhanced .

• Filled wires as much as possible in the production process prevent from dissemination and transfer of harmful substances to the environment and have great control over it .

• Ferrosilicon magnesium cored wires are one of the types of filler wires in the industry support the process of processing with low costs .

• In the process of casting parts, using of cored wires not only causes less manpower to be needed but also increase the speed of the work.

• The flexibility of this product is also very high

• High Durability

• Cost-effective and reduced melting costs

• Less consumption

Cored wires are classified based on a series of factors and specific criteria.

These products are for reasons such as Appearance, physical properties including dimensions, height, weight, materials and compounds used in them, tensile power,
Precipitation chemistry and gas conditions are classified into different groups.

As an example, some of the produced cored wires SIM ROD SAMA Company is as follows :

• Cored Wire 41 KJCW ( Carbon Steel Melting Rod )
• Cored Wire 42 KJCW ( (CaSi) Steel Melting Rod )
• Cored Wire 43 KJCW ( Silicon Calcium Barium Steel Melting Rod )
• Cored Wire 54 KJCW ( Ferro calcium Steel Melting Rod )
• Cored Wire 50 KJCW ( pure calcium Steel Melting Rod )
• Cored Wire 90 KJCW ( Sulfur Steel Melting Rod )

Cored wires can also be made in different grades. And this variety of grades is also completely related to the materials and elements available Cored Wire .

Wire Diameter

In SIM ROD SAMA Co., we have the ability to produce both diameters of 9.5 , 13 mm according to customer’s requirements.

The weight of the coils from 1300 to 1500 kg can be changed based on the type of production.

sheet thickness

This thickness corresponds to the thickness of the sheath used to make the wire. The thickness of the wall can be something between 0.4 to 1 mm .


Cordwire packaging in the wire rod set is horizontal and vertical.
It should be noted that the coil weight and type of packaging can be changed according to the customer’s requirement and order.

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