Quality control laboratory

The quality control unit of Sim Rod Sama Company, in line with the policy of organization and customer orientation, is responsible for the protection of the production of the factory’s products by monitoring and inspecting the raw materials entering the factory, as well as inspecting the raw materials entering the factory, as well as inspecting the product during production. And the inspection and testing of the final product deals with this. The quality control inspection process is divided into three main parts:

  • Inspection of raw materials
  • Inspection during the production process
  • Final product inspection

Inspection of raw materials

The quality control unit inspects all raw materials entering the factory, including aluminum ingots, galvanized steel, polyethylene materials, ropes, pallets, etc., as soon as they enter the factory, and conducts the relevant tests and inspections in accordance with international standards. It does on raw materials.

In-process review

By creating quality control inspection stations in the production halls of this complex, Sim Rod Sama Company has been able to efficiently perform the product inspection process during production.

Quality control unit in all processes such as aluminum rod production, sized wire, conductor making, coating and cable production with the help of inspection stations that are equipped with laboratory tools and equipment suitable for this process. She has full respect for the inspection and testing of the manufactured product and monitors the production process of the factory with the utmost precision.

Final product inspection

In addition to the tests and checks done during production, the final checks and tests are done on the product again and finally it enters the product warehouse with the approval of the quality control unit.

The quality control laboratory of Sim Rod Sama Company is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and has the ability to perform all kinds of metallurgical, electrical, and mechanical tests, as well as all kinds of tests related to insulations and coatings with different mixtures in the framework of international and national standards.

The pride of Sim Rod Sama quality control unit is to protect Sim Rod Sama brand.