Low Voltage Aerial Bundle Cables (6 Core)

Aerial Bundled cable (ABC) (using several insulated conductors bundled tightly together) are cables that were first used in 1955 instead of copper wire of power distribution line and today are widely used in power distribution networks around the world.

As the name of these cables is clear, these cables are used outdoors and the conductor of this type of cable is aluminum.

Simultaneously with the development of the use of this type of cables in the Iranian market, SIM ROD SAMA, in order to meet the needs of the ABC cables, started the production of these cables by developing production and laboratory infrastructures.

Some of the major advantages of using these cables are the reduction of unauthorized branches from the distribution lines, lower cost, reduced theft, reduced cost of tree pruning, reduced power outages in the event of a storm, less weight than copper conductors and so on.

SIM ROD SAMA Company, in line with the country’s need to use Aerial Bundled Cables, has been preparing production and laboratory equipment related to the production of Aerial Bundled Cables and In recent years, by being on the vendor list of Tavanir companies.

SIM ROD SAMA is one of the major manufacturers in the industry of producing these cables.

They have a voltage rating of 0.6/1kV. With the insulation it also meets Class II according to IEC 61140 in protecting against electric shock. Aerial Bundle Cables have an operating temperature range of – 40o C to + 80o C and can be installed in temperatures as low as – 20o C.


used in power supply in power transmission and distribution line. Overhead self – supporting cables with aluminum conductors and separated neutral – messenger and XLPE insulation.

This has proved the reliability and effectiveness of ABC in preventing the system failure on account of transient faults created in system due to falling trees or branches.

Engineering specifications

according to Iran tavanir specification
Rated Voltage:
Phase’s, neutral and lighting are stranded with compress concentric 1350-H19.mesenger is stranded with zinc-coated steel wire Core:
the conductor is insulated with a layer of extruded XLPE
Operating temperature:
90°c continues normal operation

Cable identification

1 or3 (phases)+(neutral)+(lighting)+(messenger)
The individual phase cores shall be identified by one, two, three continuous longitudinal ribs. The neutral core shall be lightly ribbed continuously along its length

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