Application: Overhead single core cables with aluminum alloy conductor or ACSR with XLPE insulation, for overhead power transmission and distribution lines  up to 20KV & 33 KV .
Covered Conductors provide the effective solutions to prevent the revenue loss due to theft by direct tapping, tree faults, Weatherproof and other problems associated with bare overhead conductors .
Covered line wire is not an electrically insulated cable Therefore, it should be installed on insulators, and users should treat line wire as bare conductor for personal safety.

Covered conductors are typically used inside distribution equipment and for overhead high voltage installations and covered prevents physical and environmental injures not electrical linkage , so users should treat line for personal safety .

“Insulated conductor” : a conductor covered with a dielectric material having a rated dielectric strength and insulation prevents electrical linkage .

SO the insulated cable can be touched, but the covered cable must not be touched .


  • Rated Voltage 12/36 KV
  • Conductor stranded aluminum alloy wires or ACSR wires .
  • Core the conductor is  insulated with a layer of extruded XLPE
  • Operating temperature 90°c continues normal operation

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