All Aluminium Conductors ( AAC )

Technical specification table

Concentric lay stranded Aluminium Conductor (AAC) is made up of one or more strands of hard drawn 1350 aluminum EC grade.
These conductors are used in low and medium voltage overhead lines. AAC has seen extensive use in urban areas where spans are usually short but high conductivity is required. The excellent corrosion resistance of aluminium has made AAC a conductor of choice in coastal areas. Because of its relatively poor strength to weight ratio, AAC had limited use in transmission lines and rural distribution because of long spans utilized.


  • high Current Carrying Capacity
  • excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Ideal for use in coastal area
  • suitable for low & medium voltage lines in urban area


AAC manufactured by SIM ROD SAMA meets or exceeds the requirements of all international standards like ASTM, AS, BS, CSA, DIN, IEC, NFC, SS -etc

Complete Conductor

Bare all-aluminum 1350 conductors (AAC) are concentric-lay-stranded, consisting of one or more layers of wire wrapped helically around a straight round central wire. Each successive layer has six wires more than the layer immediately beneath. Greater flexibility is provided by increasing the number of strands for a specific cross-sectional area. AAC conductors are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the latest applicable issues of ASTM (specifications B230 and B231 & DIN). The more commonly used are 7, 19, 37, 61 and 91 standings are also available .

Class AA standings are used for bare overhead lines. The direction of lay for the outer layer is righthand and is normally reversed in successive layers. The temper is full hard drawn (H12).


Optimum economy is provided since the lighter weight means lower unit length costs, easier handling in installation and less-complex fittings. All-aluminum conductors have an inherent high corrosion resistance due to their homogeneous construction.


Stranded bare all-aluminum 1350 conductors (AAC) are used in overhead line installations where design parameters do not require the higher strength or temperature ratings provided by ACSR, ACSS or other type conductors.


  • Trapezoidal-shaped aluminum strands (/TW)
  • High-conductivity aluminum (/HC) (61.8% IACS)
  • SIM ROD SAMA can manufacture & supply AAC on wooden / steel reels.

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