Low Voltage Aerial Bundle Cables (5 Core)

Technical specification table

Overhead self-supporting cables with aluminum alloy neutral/messenger conductor.


used in power supply in power transmission and distribution line.
This has proved the reliability and effectiveness of ABC in preventing the system failure on account of transient faults created in system due to falling trees or branches. The safety and reliability of ABC for use in transmission and distribution lines in populated area.

Engineering specifications

according to HD 626 standard

Rated Voltage

In the voltage designation of U0/U(Um), the rated voltages of the cables considered in BS and NFC standards are as follow: U0/U(Um)=0.6/1(1.2) KV.
U0 is the rated power frequency voltage between conductor and earth;
U is the rated power frequency voltage between conductors;
Um is the maximum value of the “highest system voltage” for which the equipment may be used.


Phase’s, and lighting are stranded with compress concentric 1350-H19.
Neutral / messenger is stranded with aluminum alloy wire Core:
the conductor is insulated with a layer of extruded XLPE
Operating temperature: 90°c continues normal operation

Cable identification

1 or 3 (phases + ((lighting) +(neutral / messenger)

Core identification

The individual phase cores shall be identified by one, two, three continuous longitudinal ribs. The neutral / messenger core shall be lightly ribbed continuously along its length.
Technical Specification of Low voltage aerial bundle cables.
Mono phase with & without lighting (3 & 2 core).
Cable with aluminum alloy neutral / messenger conductor.
According to HD 626 standard

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